The intranet is the virtual platform that a company or entity makes available to those who belong to it, particularly its employees.

That is, the intranet is an internal network that allows the workers of a company to be in contact with each other, and with the organization's management.

The objective of an intranet is that the company can facilitate certain internal processes, enabling them digitally, using the Internet.

Employees of a company could use the intranet, for example, to mark their time of entry and exit from the workplace.

Unlike the extranet, the intranet is a private network that cannot be used by people who do not belong to the organization. That is, users must have, for example, a work relationship with the entity. Thus, once said relationship ends, access to the former worker is also eliminated.

The employees of an organization will have access to the intranet with a username and password, enabling a profile according to their job title. This, because managers, for example, may have access to certain information that is restricted for other employees.

In this sense, it is important that the necessary security systems are implemented so that outsiders cannot access private company information.

Likewise, care must be taken with the data that is shared with employees, because they could leak it to the general public.

Intranet features

The main functions of the intranet are the following:

  • Allow the exchange of information between the different departments of the company.
  • Make available to employees the resources they need to carry out the tasks assigned.
  • Work with a centralized information system that allows the company to monitor all its processes.
  • Make it easier for employees to carry out different procedures, such as registering a vacation or requesting a corporate document.
  • It allows two employees who are involved in the same project or task to interact, even if they are physically apart. For example, it may be that everyone works in a different city.

Intranet example

A retail company with multiple points of sale can implement an intranet to communicate to its employees about the product offerings that they can make to the public.

The intranet can even be adapted to be used from mobile phones. In this way, the transmission of information becomes more agile.

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