The cheap concept refers to the fact that something has a low price, especially if the comparison with other similar items is also taken into account.

The term cheap has a subjective component, since considering something cheap is not perceived by everyone in the same way. For example, for one user a flight to Paris may be cheap, but for others it may be a high cost. Opinions usually vary depending on each user.

While it is true that to determine if something is cheap or not, it is also necessary to make a comparison with a similar object. An example of these comparisons would be the following: yesterday I saw cheaper sunglasses in the corner store.

The usual thing is to indicate that something is cheap if it has been compared to another object. For example, saying that a car that costs 6,000 euros is cheap is possible, but it will have a more adequate perspective if it is compared with another similar one in its category. Perhaps that comparison serves to guess that it was not as cheap as initially thought, or if it is, taking into account the price and characteristics of the other car.

Cheap also has a series of synonyms that are often used to determine that something has a low price, among them the most common are: cheap, bargain, balance, reduced, among others.

Difference between expensive and cheap

The opposite of cheap, it is expensive, so the main differences between both concepts are the following:

  • Cheap. An object or service is considered cheap when it has a low price compared to others in the same category. Sometimes the term cheap is associated with low quality, although it does not have to be real.
  • Expensive. It is the opposite, something is considered to be expensive when its price is really high. Always from a comparative point of view. We may think that an object is expensive at first glance, but after comparing it with other similar objects, perceive that it really is not, that it is cheap, or that it is really more expensive and we were right.

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