The best year in Apple's history, fiscal year 2015


The apple company has presented from its Cupertino headquarters the financial results for the fourth fiscal quarter, which closed on September 26. The results of this last quarter show a sales figure of $ 51,500 MM, with a Gross Margin of 40% and a net profit of $ 11,100 MM, which means EPS (Earnings per Share) of $ 1.96. Compared with the results of the same quarter of the previous year, Apple has increased its sales by 22%, net profit by 31% and EPS by 38%, increasing it by $ 0.54. It should be noted that the flagship product, the iphone, increased its sales by 22%, while ipad sales decreased by almost 20%.

In addition, at the end of the fourth quarter (4Q), and therefore the fiscal year, Apple's annual business figures are already available, according to the words of Tim Cook, CEO of the company:

“Fiscal 2015 was the best year in Apple's history, with sales growth of 28% to close to $ 234 billion. This continued success is the result of our commitment to create the best and most innovative products, and shows the great capacity for execution of our human teams "

Income Statement 2015-2014

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Apple's CFO has also commented on the published results, Luca Maestri says:

"Apple's record September quarter results have increased earnings per share 38% and increased cash flow from operations by $ 13.5 billion." ... "During the quarter, we returned $ 17 billion to shareholders. of dollars through share buybacks and dividends, and we have already completed more than 143,000 million dollars of the 200,000 million dollars of our return of capital program "

By Products

Regarding products and volume of units sold during the fourth quarter of the year, we have the following results:

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  • iPhone: ($ 32.2 MM) continues to stand out as a star product of the apple brand with 48 million units sold, 22% more than the same period of the previous year, and at an average sale price of $ 670 / unit .
  • iPad: ($ 4.3 MM) the units sold of the Apple tablet fell by around 20%, which represents 10 million units sold at an average price of $ 433 / unit.
  • iMac: ($ 6.9 MM) this business sells around 6 million computers, improving the units sold by 3.4%. The average sale price is $ 1,205 / unit.

Forecasts for 1Q 2016

The apple company has also offered forecasts for the first quarter of its fiscal year 2016:

  • Income between $ 75.5 and $ 77.5 billion
  • Gross margin between 39 percent and 40 percent
  • Operating expenses between $ 6.3 billion and $ 6.4 billion
  • Other income / (expense) of 400 million
  • Tax rate of 26.2 percent

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