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The Banco de la Nación Argentina once again positions itself as the most important bank in the country, with a total amount of almost 400 billion pesos, tripling the value of the assets of the second largest bank in Argentina, the bank of the province of Buenos Aires. Aires. In third place, there is Banco Santander Río.

Bank of the Argentine Nation in Buenos Aires

Much of the banking is centered in the capital, being the bank of Galicia and Buenos Aires the fourth largest in the country, with an asset of 115,000 million pesos. Closing the top five we can find BBVA Banco Francés.

The growth of Argentine banking can be a key factor in guaranteeing the stability of the economy and achieving a sustained economic growth.

Here is a summary of the Argentine financial map, ranking the largest banks in Argentina according to their total assets. All the data are in millions of pesos:

Position Bank Total assets
1 Bank of the Argentine Nation 396.510,5
2 Bank of the province of Buenos Aires 127.181,4
3 Banco Santander Río S.A. 121.226,6
4 Banco de Galicia Y Buenos Aires S.A. 115.822,9
5 Bbva Banco Francés S.A. 90.849,3
6 Banco Macro S.A. 86.386,2
7 Hsbc Bank Argentina S.A. 59.370,1
8 Banco Credicoop Coop. Ltdo. 55.532,7
9 Bank of the City of Buenos Aires 50.517,0
10 Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China (Argentina) S.A. 50.347,4
11 Banco Patagonia S.A. 49.986,2
12 Citibank N.A. 44.566,3
13 Banco Hipotecario S.A. 33.384,0
14 Banco de la Provincia de Cordoba S.A. 26.089,8
15 Banco Supervielle S.A. 25.877,4
16 New Bank of Santa Fe Sociedad Anonima 24.022,3
17 Banco de San Juan S.A. 21.043,0
18 Banco Itau Argentina S.A. 17.593,9
19 Banco Comafi Sociedad Anonima 12.560,7
20 Banco de la Pampa S.E.M. 10.827,2
21 Banco de Santiago del Estero S.A. 10.611,5
22 Banco Industrial S.A. 10.593,3
23 New Bank of Entre Ríos S.A. 10.478,5
24 Banco del Chubut S.A. 9.340,1
25 Banco del Tucuman S.A. 8.051,5
26 Banco de Corrientes S.A. 7.423,5
27 New Bank of the Chaco S. A. 6.907,5
28 Banco de Inversion Y Comercio Exterior S.A. 6.343,1
29 Banco Provincia del Neuquén S.A. 6.195,1
30 Banco de Valores S.A. 5.952,9
31 Banco de Formosa S.A. 5.470,6
32 Banco Columbia S.A. 4.912,3
33 Banco Piano S.A. 4.414,3
34 Banco de Santa Cruz S.A. 4.068,4
35 Compañía Financiera Argentina S.A. 3.711,0
36 Banco Cmf S.A. 3.586,3
37 Banco Mariva S.A. 3.533,5
38 deutsche Bank S.A. 3.308,3
39 Banco de Servicios Y Transacciones S.A. 3.176,6
40 Municipal Bank of Rosario 2.926,7
41 Province Bank of Tierra del Fuego 2.912,5
42 Banco Finansur S.A. 2.421,5
43 Cordial Compañía Financiera S.A. 2.338,1
44 Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (Suc. Bs. As.) 2.139,9
45 Banco Saenz S.A. 2.020,9
46 Banco Bica S.A. 807,6
Assets in millions of pesos as of September 30, 2015

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