Ikea enters the world of online sales in Spain


The Swedish ready-to-assemble furniture and household goods company finally lands in the world of e-commerce in Spain. This great step has been requested by many Spanish clients who were unaware of the reasons why the furniture giant was not launching online sales.

Ikea announces that this new plan will be widely available in December. Currently, they are carrying out pilot tests of this online sales service in the Alfafar (Valencia) and Baracaldo (Vizcaya) centers.

The Swedish chain allows Spanish consumers to buy through its website and pick up at the selected store or at the Ikea delivery point. Regarding the cost of these options, the client will have to pay an amount that ranges between 16 or 21 euros. However, if the consumer wants their online purchase to be delivered to their home, Ikea also offers this service and with a minimum cost of 55 euros and a maximum of € 283, since it will depend on the amount of the purchase and the area of delivery.

Are there any restrictions on online sales?

For this new online strategy, the company excludes the sale of some of its products, such as plants, food products, articles that are made to order, products from the opportunities section, articles that have a single reference for different colors and gift cards.

The success of Ikea online sales

In the rest of the countries, such as Sweden, Germany or the United States, this service has already been implemented a long time ago and has triumphed among its public. In addition, it should be noted that, so far, the entry into electronic commerce of other multinational companies has had a positive effect and has attracted more consumers. So, we will have to be aware of the existing pilot test in Spain, to have an idea of ​​what the future of Ikea will be like and if it will triumph among Spanish consumers.

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