Industry 4.0; Challenges and opportunities


Technology, globalization and hyperconnectivity are posing new challenges and opportunities. We live in a world in which everything and everyone is permanently connected, surrounded by sensors, devices, large processors. Now is the time for the industry to get connected, too. We are going to talk about the concept of Industry 4.0 (smart industry or cyber industry), that is, the digitization of many industrial processes. It is also known as the IV Industrial Revolution.

Companies are not trained to have thousands of computers and employees. The future happens because the computer performs many of the employee's functions. Welcome to industry 4.0.

When we talk about industry 4.0 and robots, we are not referring only to humanoid robots (in the shape of a human); A drone, a vacuum cleaner or Google's autonomous car are robots that are revolutionizing the industry and the way of life of many people.

With the advent of Industry 4.0, thousands of routine jobs will be lost, with simple tasks that can be automated, just like in previous industrial revolutions. A computer will never replace a human brain, but it will help you be more efficient and focus on tasks that require added value that are difficult or impossible to simulate by a robot.

“The illiterate of the 21st century are those who do not know how to learn and relearn. (Albin Trofler) "

Now, those whose jobs are taken away by robots must be able to recycle knowledge and skills, in such a way that this mass of unemployed can be reabsorbed by the emerging sectors, which are obviously the technological ones.

The problem comes when these unemployed, for various reasons, do not have the necessary versatility to dedicate themselves to another sector.

Talking about industry 4.0 is talking about the internet of things, cyber-physical systems, augmented reality, factory 4.0 ... Industry 4.0 is not far away in time, but there are already numerous and important advances in this field. Let's see some examples, more everyday than it seems.

  • Google's autonomous car; The first car that does not need a driver.

This type of car is capable of traveling by road and city, interpreting signs, detecting vehicles, pedestrians ... This makes us wonder what is going to happen to sectors such as taxi drivers, vehicle insurers or parking lots. They will not disappear, but they will have to change their business model, reinvent themselves, provide added value for this new product.

  • 3d printers

Without a doubt a great advance in medicine, but also in construction. Until now the most common was to see printers that printed parts, but this Chinese company has built a giant 3D printer, capable of printing an entire house.

"A giant 3D printer is capable of manufacturing 10 houses a day"

  • Factory 4.0. A good example of them will be the new purchase process on Amazon;

First, the user in his account already has advertising perfectly segmented according to his tastes and preferences at that time or he can configure it himself, if he has any questions, a robot will interact with him as customer service. Once you decide what to buy, send the order to the nearest factory, in a perfectly robotized warehouse the product will be selected and a drone will transport it to the customer's house. This is how simple and digital the purchase will be in a few years. So we wonder who is going to work at Amazon.

Mainly, software and quality engineers, Project managers ... as they demand regarding the opening of a new warehouse in Madrid. They are the jobs of the future.

  • Augmented reality

In this regard, the impressive case of Magic Leap deserves special attention. In 2014 the name of this startup began to sound because of the support of large technology companies and that it raised $ 1,000M in financing round.

Magic Leap, despite not having shown any device yet, has already generated great expectation and admiration for the number of situations it can simulate, where the real and the virtual mix. Here you can see a video demo of some of them.

  • Captured reality

Thanks to technology, virtual tours can be made in real environments with 360º technology. A feeling of immersion is achieved in a captured environment. The Victorio Macho museum in Toledo allows you to discover the works of the Palencia sculptor with this method:

  • Electronic telepathy

Great strides have already been made in this field. Some of the most amazing are the Stars Wars mind control helmets that allow you to control certain movements with your mind by imagining situations. A toy available to anyone based on telepathy.

The first mind-controlled drone race to be held in Florida (USA).

As you have seen, endless new opportunities offered by industry 4.0. And the great bet of employment for the nearest future is employment in the technology sector, digital marketing, big data, collaborative economy, artificial intelligence ... The way of working will also change; Innovation and entrepreneurship will be at the forefront in order to generate new ideas and projects, telecommuting, work in coworkings ... Now the question is; Are we ready for change?

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