The stock market registered its biggest rise in two years and the "premium" fell


Yesterday, we could see how the markets work through trust.

It only took Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank (ECB), to express that the risk premiums currently maintained by the sovereign debts of the Eurozone were part of the ECB's powers.

Thanks to these words, the IBEX 35 rose 6.06%, to 6,368.8 points, this being the 10th largest rise in the history of the Spanish selective. We can also see in the upper image the 10 biggest uploads of the titles that compose it.

Regarding debt, the 10-year bond cut its profitability by 46 basis points, to 6.92%, while the 5-year bond ended at 6.70%; 63 points down. And the 3-year, the yield fell 72 basis points, down to 6.36%. Therefore, the risk premium narrowed to 561 points.

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