In September Inditex will allow to pay with the mobile in its Spanish stores


The Spanish multinational textile manufacturing and distribution group continues to innovate in its business and enters the era of digitization with the new form of mobile payment in its Spanish stores. Thanks to this new form of payment, customers can buy in Inditex brand stores without having to carry cash or credit cards, they are only their mobile phones.

The president of the Inditex group, Pablo Isla, has been in charge of announcing the new service that the Inditex company stores will offer from September. According to the manager's statements, this new platform is the result of a large economic investment during the last five years, since it has been a technological development of the Inditex group.

How will this mobile payment system work?

This new service will be carried out through the applications of Inditex's online stores, which will be updated to incorporate this new payment platform. Once the customer accesses the application and activates the mobile payment service for the first time, the application will ask them to enter the card number they wish to associate with the account. Once the user has completed this step, the activation is complete. From that moment on when the customer makes a purchase or return, the online store application will generate a QR code through which the payment will be carried out in a secure manner, only being necessary for the customer to bring the mobile phone closer to the In addition, the company will launch a new internal application called InWallet that will be used to pay with mobile phones in all the chain's stores.

With this new form of payment, the Inditex chain intends to eliminate paper purchase tickets and manage this entire process through this new payment platform.

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