Advantages and disadvantages of working from home


Working from home is a dream for many employees, however there are numerous points of view on this topic. Some people think that if they work from home they will be more productive. On the other hand, there are those who think that it would be a break with the work environment and therefore they would perform less than if they were in the office.

New information and communication technologies allow employees to work from home with their computer or other mobile devices. With this option you can avoid traffic jams first thing in the morning, improve your family balance or increase your concentration. But behind these advantages, there are also the disadvantages of working from home. And it is that this method of employment supposes a series of conditions that must be considered before deciding on this activity.

Disadvantages of working from home

  • The distractions. By working from home you will give up the work environment and therefore you must have a strong discipline to avoid distractions from home (the sofa, television, mobile devices or other temptations).
  • Schedule. By not having an obligation to enter the door of the company at an exact time, you will have to establish a strict schedule to comply with the working day and the delivery deadlines of the imposed jobs.
  • Sedentary. The fact of not having the commitment to leave home to go to work increases the risk of sedentary lifestyle in people. Since for those people who are not very active, they will get used to being at home and will not connect with the outside world. It is for this reason that it would be convenient for the person to take a routine every day and give importance to their physical appearance.
  • You are not on the company's premises.For this reason, it is advisable to allocate a space in the house to your office with everything you need to work daily, taking into account the temperature and light of the place and that it is isolated from the rest of the house to separate your work and family life.
  • Lack of social relationships with peers. From home you will not be able to share daily moments with your colleagues in your office.

Advantages of working from home

By controlling the factors mentioned above, if the company allows you to work from home, you will get some advantages such as:

  • Greater flexibility. You will have your own schedule and you will be in charge of organizing your tasks, as long as you comply with what is established by the company. This will allow you to reconcile your professional and personal life. This is a very important factor for the employee's well-being.
  • Concentration. If you overcome the distractions of home and focus on your office, you will achieve greater concentration.
  • You will save money. In the case of the self-employed, they will not have to pay the rent of a premises and therefore the rest of the services that they would have to hire. For people who are employed, transportation money will be saved.
  • Reduce stress. Being at home, the worker feels calmer and performs his tasks with more motivation. Also avoid company stress and commuting to work.

In summary, if it is confirmed that working from home favors both companies and workers, this business model will have to be considered. In addition, if we add the rapid progress that new technologies are having, surely we will soon have new tools that favor this method of work.

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