This is the world map based on the population of each country


The map made by the redditor TeaDranks is based on a planet in which each country would be the size that corresponds to it according to the population that lives on it. In this ingenious idea, as expected, the large dimensions of China and India stand out.

On the contrary, countries with a large volume of territory but with very little population density, such as Russia and Canada, seem insignificant on this world map.

According to a study prepared by the UN, the world map according to population will change enormously in the coming years, giving greater importance to Africa, which will go from the current 1 billion inhabitants, to more than 4 billion by the end of the century.

One of the pending tasks for Europe will be to transfer wealth to the African continent, because otherwise, the current problem of immigration that causes thousands of Africans to cross the Mediterranean, will be a gigantic problem and then it will be impossible to contain the massive arrival of millions of immigrants in order to seek a better life.

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