How to save on your electricity bill with flat rates


What are flat rates for electricity?

Flat rates in general are always synonymous with "whatever you want, for the same price." In other words, they are formulas by which users can have a service at a fixed price regardless of what they consume. This proposal has traditionally occurred in the world of mobile telephony where, for example, they offer us to talk as much as we want paying the same price. However, nowadays and thanks mainly to the appearance of new electricity companies, it is also possible to have an electricity tariff whose purpose is exactly what we have said: we consume electricity at a fixed price without worrying about our consumption. Thus, saving with flat electricity rates is possible. This formula is indicated for many consumers and, above all, for those who seek a more exhaustive and regular control of what they consume and their bills. Thus, the flat rates of electricity we could say that they are ideal for those who do not want scares. Next, we want to talk to you about some of the advantages that this type of flat rate has for consumers.

1.- Rate adapted to consumption

In the case of flat rates, the objective is to offer a plan adapted to the consumption of each person and at a fixed price to avoid unforeseen events. Thus, the first way that this type of plan proposes us to save is to give an estimate of the price and consumption that suits us based on what we have had in recent years. Thus, an estimate is made to calculate the price that best adjusts to what we usually consume and we always pay the same.

2.- No variable prices

One of the main advantages of flat electricity rates is that they give us a fixed price per kW and power. In the case of tariffs regulated by market prices, it is very common for the price of said kW to fluctuate according to market prices. In this way, for example, more is paid in the months that go from June to December as a result of the fact that they are the ones with the highest demand. These months coincide on the one hand with the inclemencies of summer and later those of winter where the consumption of homes and businesses shoots up as a result of the excessive drop or rise in temperatures. A flat rate of electricity offers us the same price throughout the year, so we will not be exposed to such price variations and the scares that they entail.

3.- Also adapted for businesses

Flat electricity rates are an especially interesting proposal for businesses and within them for entrepreneurs and SMEs. In effect, they are a formula by which we can have a low cost by paying the same every month. Something of special importance during the first months of a business where unforeseen expenses can always appear (and appear). In this way, with a flat rate of electricity we can have this energy budget under control and be able to better plan the status of our accounts and our projects.

4.- No time discrimination

In the case of variable cost energy plans, there is a certain section within the day, week or year in which it is cheaper to consume as a result of the kW price changing as contracted. The difference in said price can be very marked, being double in fact in the hours, days or months not included in said plan. Thus, the cost shoots up in the event that we do not adjust to them. However, in the case of flat electricity rates, this cost is fixed regardless of these factors: the same is paid regardless of the time, day of the week or time of year.


As we have said, flat energy rates can be a very interesting formula to maintain a fixed budget for our electricity bill. We must think in the light of the data and consumption habits of our homes. For example, it should be noted that according to the IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving), 60% of our electricity bill comes from the use of electrical appliances and only 7% from air conditioning. That means that, in the case of variable price plans for kW, we are going to pay a lot for that 7% depending on the time of year and for the 60% contributed by our appliances as well. Indeed, these are devices that in many cases are always connected: they are necessary regardless of the price per kW / hour. That is why a flat electricity rate can help you save a lot in your home and / or your business. Consider an option that has more and more followers among those who do not want surprises.

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