The Bootcamp: An intensive training model with excellent results


The term bootcamp has its origin in the military world, and refers to the training camps where new recruits are trained. It is an intensive program, in which participants manage to face new challenges and acquire, in a few weeks, the skills, competencies and knowledge to begin their career in the military world.

This condensed and intense way of acquiring knowledge through various challenging dynamics, but with a high return; It has proven to be an excellent complement to traditional educational formats. Thanks to its limited time it allows to establish a high level of demand without running the danger of "burning" the participants, since the goal remains visible at all times; and, on the other hand, as it is an independent training space, it makes it possible to develop innovative dynamics that require agility in decisions and cooperation among participants, which results in constant interest and deep and lasting learning.

On the other hand, this form of teaching allows to focus the focus on the acquisition of very specific knowledge, skills and competences, guaranteeing a total dedication to the acquisition of these and maximizing their consolidation within the training background of the participants, and, above all, allowing them to apply them immediately to professional practice.

At the level of techniques and methodologies, as we mentioned earlier, the bootcamp allows the creation and development of instances that encourage and reward cooperative work among participants, agility in planning and decision-making, and the development of work capacity under pressure. This results in a perfect environment for innovation, the creation of new ideas and experimentation, which is why this type of training often produces results that have an interesting journey beyond their duration.

All these aspects are perfectly reflected in the bootcamp ‘Impulse: Strategy, Innovation and Leadership’ of the University of Valencia - VIU. An intensive 4-week program that is part of the University's MBA and, as its name indicates, is structured around 3 pillars: strategy, innovation and leadership, applied to company management and leadership.

In its first edition, the bootcamp had the participation of prominent professionals from the business sector and teachers with extensive academic and work experience, among which were Paola Santana, Co-founder of Social Glass and Matternet, Elected TOP Professionals Under 35 on LinkedIn and recognized by Forbes as one of the 50 most powerful women in the Dominican Republic; Juan Galiardo, director of UBER Spain and founder of Noysi, an application for internal communication and project management; Gala Gil, Head of Sales and Partnerships of the London startup Triple and creator of its startup Yellowfinch in Silicon Valley; Ángel Buigues, Startup Advisor at Banco Sabadell with more than 15 years of experience in banking and Co-founder of the investment forum in startups SIConnect, which has accumulated 17 editions; o Enrique Ruiz, Co-founder of the successful startup Wuolah that has more than 1.5 million registered users and has managed to attract the attention of brands such as: Fiat, Casio, Vodafone, among others; obtaining a financing of 2 million euros; among others.

During the 4 weeks of the bootcamp, the VIU MBA students worked on the 4 phases of the business development model: design, strategy, measurement and communication; presenting at the end his project, with remarkable results: the winner was an augmented reality mobile application designed to offer family tourist experiences through the resolution of an "escape room" in the open air. But also interesting proposals were presented such as Turisboard, an initiative aimed at promoting tourism to destinations with less than 10,000 inhabitants; o Ready2go, a mobile application that helps users plan trips, choose what to carry in their suitcase and streamline the necessary processes and procedures before leaving.

Participating students agreed that the bootcamp was a "unique and enriching experience both personally and professionally" and highlighted the possibility of applying what they learned in the MBA to a real case, ensuring that it is a learning that they can put to use. practice immediately in your working life.

This experience confirms what we stated at the beginning of the article, that the bootcamp constitutes an excellent complement to the traditional post title formats and allows to synthesize and solidify the knowledge acquired throughout these.

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