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Would you like to know which are the most powerful marketing and advertising strategies on the market? In this article we will address a vitally important issue that will undoubtedly help boost your sales figure and build customer loyalty.

Whenever we talk about marketing and advertising, many people, perhaps too many, are reluctant. They think that using marketing techniques means misleading their customers, advertising that is aggressive or that is not adapted to reality. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

It is true that there are companies that use questionable techniques, but marketing and advertising go much further than that. In fact, one of the first steps of a good marketing strategy is to know our audience, our segment, our potential client. If we do not know well what are the needs of the people to whom our product is directed. It is an essential point and that is why we will delve into it within a few lines, but it is not the only thing.

It is also vitally important to analyze each market, generate strategies, know the online and offline channels to publicize our product and, of course, implement these techniques in the appropriate way.

As you can see, it is something much more complex than it seems. Many people think that marketing is basically good design, putting an ad on television and starting to sell. If this were true, large companies would not have a department that is responsible for carrying out all this process. But don't panic, you don't need a department of 100 people to perform certain easy and effective marketing techniques to implement without advanced knowledge. Of course, do not be confused, you will not always be right and depending on your ability you will have to perform different tests.

All this can be summarized in 4 steps that we will see below.

1. Analyze the market

First, we must analyze the market. And when we say analyze the market, we mean analyze many of the aspects that comprise a market. In a market there are buyers, sellers, goods, services and exchanges. These buyers and sellers can be companies, people, suppliers.

A tip along these lines is to make an outline, even if it is on paper. In it we will have to write down everything that we investigate and order the information. For example, if we want to sell electric toothbrushes, we will have to know everything we can about the electric toothbrush market. Some questions that we could ask ourselves are the following:

What are the main brands of electric toothbrushes? What is your market share?

Why are these brands the best sellers? What is your competitive advantage? Do they have something special or different from the rest? How do people value them?

In the same way, it would be interesting to see what causes a person not to use an electric toothbrush. Why do many people continue to use the manual toothbrush? Because of the size? The price?

Ultimately, this part is essential. Know brands, companies, competitors, market shares, interests, potential customers, consumer trends, etc.

2. Know and segment your audience

After analyzing the market we want to focus on, surely we came up with many ideas. We may even have realized that the market we want to target is another. I do not know. What I do know is that once you have chosen it, you should focus on people.

Although in the analysis of the market you will have general notions about the public that uses the product or could use it, at this point you must specify much more. You should study what type of customer the product or products you want to market are directed to.

Imagine that you have decided that you want to focus on the cosmetics market. You have a supplier of a new cream that you think will gain market share in the future. We have information on all the creams that exist, competitors, quotas, trends, etc.

However, we need to know what type of audience we are going to address. Are you male or female? What country is it from? Does your religion or culture matter in this matter? How old is the target customer?

If you want to know more about market segmentation, click here.

3. Design and advertising

You already know the market and you know the specific segments you are targeting. Now you need to work on the design, the packaging, even the smell of your product. The world's most valued brand, Apple, even cares about how iPhones smell when you open the box. And that nobody buys a mobile because of how it smells. It may not be necessary in your case and for your product. But question everything you can implement that could boost your sales.

Work on the design, think about how you are going to advertise and where you are going to do it. The good news is that once you have your audience segmented and you know the market well, it will be easier for you to understand what your target audience is looking for.So the answer to different questions such as when and where you will advertise will be easier to answer.

Let's imagine that our business model is based on holding events related to investing in technology. We organize face-to-face events in large auditoriums. People who decide to attend pay a ticket and in return they will see the best experts in the world in the field. Along these lines, we have thought that it would be very interesting to offer a welcome gift to attendees. For example, it occurred to us to give attendees personalized notebooks with our company logo, an umbrella because it rains a lot in the city where we are going to celebrate it, and a pen because it is never too much.

It is important to make a difference, that it is a special merchandising. There is no use in making products of this type to get out of trouble. On the contrary, we have to worry so that they use them in their daily life and feel proud of it. That is also marketing. Sometimes it pays to invest in quality.

At this point we can't help but remember the advertising channels, about which you can find more information here.

4. Attention to people

Last but not least, we must bear in mind that more than clients, consumers, companies, buyers or sellers, what exists are people.

We deal with people. Some buy and others sell. But be that as it may, people have emotions, feelings, make decisions, and remember experiences. Our job is to be at your service so that you feel your best. That is, they feel safe with the service they hired or the product they bought.

How to get this? Treating each client as if they were the first and only one. Yes, it is true that we must manage our resources and time, but there is no other choice but to think about how each company can improve this. A happy and proud customer is a customer for life. And, better yet, it is the best commercial we will have, because it will recommend us whenever it has the opportunity.

In short, if we analyze the market, we spend time getting to know our audience, we take care of design and advertising, and we treat each client in a special way, our sales will be boosted in a remarkable way.

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