Types of video for your business


Did you know that video is one of the formats most demanded by users and what more interaction does it have?

In social networks, websites, and different internet platforms, the objective is to make an impact, show the values ​​of a brand, and be able to differentiate itself from the rest.

The use of video has become an indispensable option to be able to transmit all of the aforementioned, and to become the most demanded and innovative brand in these conflicts.

Users look for original, explanatory, and different content. For this reason, choosing to have this format on your social networks can be very positive for your brand.

Why has the video become such a great claim?

These are the main reasons:

  • Video increases retention, and increases the attention of messages.
  • It allows to offer a closer and more direct position of the brand.
  • It offers multiple possibilities when choosing the type of video you want to carry out.
  • On the internet you cannot see the products in situ, so recording a video of a product, or how it works is a great contribution.
  • It allows you to meet professionals, put a face on them, know how they express themselves, and that makes them have many more options to be the chosen ones when it comes to a need in that particular field.

As you will see, the benefits are extensive, so if you have a project, choosing this type of strategy called videomarketing will help you improve your positioning.

Types of videos for your company

These are the formats that will help you convey all your value:

  • Testimonials You can record testimonials from your clients highlighting the positive aspects of your work, how your working relationship has been, and the recommendation how important it is when choosing a professional.
  • Explanatory. If you have any product, or online store, this option is ideal for you. You can explain how to ride an exercise bike, for example.
  • Formative. They are the videos that are used when creating an online course. In this type of video you expose a topic, or content in relation to the subject of the training you teach. It is ideal to present examples, address the audience and clarify doubts or concepts. These videos are in high demand by all those users who seek to learn about a certain topic.
  • Blog. They are videos that you can create to upload to the blog, and illustrate an article with one more incentive that would be the related video that you include.
  • Social networks. In social networks the image is very important. The compendium of the visual aspect and the contents must be taken care of as much as possible. You can create videos to upload them to the pages you manage if you are a specialist in the digital sector, or to your own profiles. This strategy is very successful among brands because you can transmit information, closeness, and provide valuable content that your audience will thank you for. If you want to position yourself as an expert on a certain topic, this option is ideal for you.
  • Webinar. An option on the rise since it is about creating a talk, or brief workshop in which you talk about a topic with the aim of showing what you know about it. It is interesting because it can generate subscribers, and later send them your own personalized emails about promotions, blog content, informational aspects of your company, among others.
  • Landing. They are videos that are used on landing pages in order for people to see them, and access the call to action. For example: a real estate agency creates a landing page to register new clients, and makes an explanatory video along with a call to action. The idea is to attract attention, and that user clicks on that button next, after viewing the video.
  • Video interviews. It allows you to see the interviewee, and the interviewer. A good option if you have a section on your blog about it, or if your business frequently demands this type of action.
  • Videos to answer questions. If you are going to sell a course, an object, or a specific program, this option is very valid. You go ahead to answer the possible doubts that may arise to the interested parties. What you must expose is as much information and clarity as possible so that they know all the details, and that way you get them to be interested in buying your program.

As you will see, the video has become the maximum expression on the internet. There are many possibilities it offers, and the alternatives to create quality content that is fully accepted by users.

If you are creating your company's strategies, or want to carry out a new action plan with your project, include this option to get the most out of everything you offer. On the internet, offering the maximum visual information will help you gain followers and you will be able to show your products much better.

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