Acceptance is an attitude focused on accepting situations that cannot be changed. There are experiences or situations that have no solution and that are not usually pleasant. Adopting an attitude of acceptance will allow them to be assumed and that person will be strengthened, since they will have greater tolerance and responsiveness to these types of experiences.

Acceptance is something that can be practiced and improved throughout life. It is a skill that people have who accept difficult or compromising situations, which have no solution.

Acceptance is also important, since when this step is taken and what happened is assumed, one is usually prepared to start a renewal process for the person. For example, acceptance before the dismissal of a company. When a person accepts that there is no solution and the best option is to find another job, they can begin a personal process to face their new situation and admit what happened without bringing their life to a standstill.

Acceptance should not be confused with the term resignation. This can paralyze that person and not lead them to action or to face other new perspectives in life.

Acceptance is assuming the situation and facing it. Taking sides, acknowledging reality and focusing on experience.

Why is acceptance important?

These are the highlights:

  • It improves self-esteem, since it fosters the values ​​of oneself when it is able to assimilate all kinds of situations and adapt to the changes that they entail.
  • The person who accepts what happens looks for solutions, does not remain a mere spectator, but takes action and makes decisions.
  • It is an opportunity to live in a more balanced way. If something has a solution, action is taken and if it doesn't, it is accepted and a way forward is sought.
  • When you accept situations that have no solution, new opportunities appear and you are prepared to go through the different stages that comprise life changes.

Acceptance example

There are many situations in life that can be sad or unpleasant. Many of them have no solution. For example, the death of a loved one, a separation from a partner, or a job dismissal.

However, accepting these experiences makes it possible for people to better cope with them. Assess the options that exist, go through and overcome stages of grief or find new career paths.

If a person is fired after 30 years working for the same company, it will surely be a severe blow. However, assuming that this can happen, since nothing is certain or eternal in life, can bring up other job prospects.

You can focus on what you have learned to start your own project as an entrepreneur or take a sabbatical to travel or evaluate other offers. On the other hand, if that individual remains stopped and focused on inaction, he does not accept his situation, he may see his life limited and not take advantage of the opportunities that appear.

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