Gathering is the action of accumulating a large quantity of something, particularly provisions or provisions. This, with the aim of later distributing them, either with or without a profit motive.

That is, collecting is the process by which a considerable volume of goods, normally perishable such as food, are gathered in a warehouse or assigned space.

Stockpiling, as we will explain later, can be part of the supply chain. But it is also common to apply this term when it comes to gathering food for a charitable purpose.

Collect in the supply chain

The action of collecting occurs as part of the supply chain, particularly of agricultural products. Thus, they are stored in certain strategic points from where they are later distributed to urban areas.

At these points where the collection is carried out, the products go through a selection process, to discard those that do not meet the quality standards. Also, it may be that these are packaged.

It is important to mention that these collection centers are key for the food to arrive in good condition at the retail establishments. Some products, for example, require refrigeration such as meats.

It should be noted that these collection points must have all the corresponding authorizations from the authorities, which (in theory) certify that all health requirements are being met.

In addition, the idea is also to maintain order in the city. Therefore, collection should not take place in an area that was originally designed, for example, to be residential.

However, in informal economies collection centers can arise spontaneously as a consequence of the practices of traders.

Collect for the purpose of help

Another reason for the collection is done is to meet a need. For example, you can stockpile in the face of a natural disaster that strikes a region or city.

Then, the authorities and / or organizations have collection points for food and items that can then be distributed to the affected populations.

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