A commercial agent is a natural or legal person whose function is to generate and carry out business in an area related to the transaction of goods and services.

Commercial agents are present in a large number of productive areas: banks, retail, tourism, insurance and in general, all those related to sales, whether of tangible or intangible products.

Characteristics of a commercial agent

A commercial agent is a person who has complete knowledge of the product or business he represents and through communication skills manages to make sales or short-term or long-term businesses.

For example, a car salesman is a commercial agent in the automotive sector and the realization of the business that he is dealing with a client will not be closed in the first meeting. Rather, this will be only a first approach, where the agent will have to show talent with talent the attributes that the vehicle has to fulfill its expectations.

But after that first visit, you will have to reinforce the sale of the car with other actions and for this you will have to hand over a card with your data and be willing to answer questions at any time. Following that, another option would be to call to find out the status of the customer in their purchase decision. But always trying not to be invasive.

On the other hand, you must evaluate the client's profile to provide financing alternatives for the purchase of the car. This alternative can make the difference between buying the same model of car from one or another car dealer.

If the client does not have the debt capacity for the car he wants, he can offer other alternatives that meet his needs, offering again the previous financing alternative, adjusted to the new price.

It is important to know the price negotiation margin that can be worked on with a client, since this will be a resource to be used during the sale action, in addition to the other financial feasibility efforts.

Are commercial agents sellers?

To a certain extent yes, but specialists in a specific area with the knowledge that that area implies.

You can find commercial agents in banks, who technically "sell" bank accounts or financial products to clients, but behind that work they carry out a financial and risk assessment for each one. Usually, this knowledge is acquired in a university, business school or training institution. For this reason, commercial agents have professions in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčadministration, economics and business.

What is the profile of a commercial agent?

The people who dedicate themselves to this profession are passionate about business and have a talent to sell, great relationship skills and oral and written communication. In addition, they tend to be empathetic and with notions of finances to advise the decisions that constitute an investment.

Sometimes it is necessary to ratify the decision of a client through technical arguments and there the commercial agents use their knowledge to support it.

In short, a commercial agent is a person in high demand in the market, who may or may not have a formal profession, but does have basic knowledge in sales, marketing and finance. Which will help you to develop better in your professional work and achieve the goals that the commercial management places on them.

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