Acute angle


The acute angle is that arc that is formed from the union of two lines that measures less than 90º or π / 2 radians.

An acute angle is then one that measures less than a right angle. Thus, the lines that form it are not perpendicular.

Acute angle

It is worth mentioning that two complementary angles, that is, they add up to 90º, are acute angles.

Likewise, an acute angle has as a supplementary angle (with which it forms a straight angle of 180º) to an obtuse angle (which measures between 90º and 180º).

As a daily example of an acute angle we have that it is formed when we write, one being the pencil or pen and the other, the table or surface.

Examples of acute angle

Some examples of acute angles are as follows:

  • Equilateral triangle: All interior angles measure 60º. I mean, they are all sharp.
  • Right triangle: If one of its angles is right, the other two must be complementary (add 90º). This, because the interior angles of any triangle add up to 180º.
  • Rhombus: Two of its angles are acute and two are obtuse, as we see in the image below

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