API is the acronym for the English term Application Programming Interfaces. It is a set of computer commands and functions that allow developers to create specific programs for specific operating systems.

According to computer expert Benjy Weinberger, an API is a formal specification about a software module how one module of one software communicates with another.

Examples of API uses

The API is something that the user does not see since it only works for the software.

For example, when the user buys movie tickets through a theater's website and enters their credit card information, the website uses an API to send this information remotely to another program that checks whether the bank details They are right.

Once the payment is confirmed, the remote application sends the information to the cinema's website and correctly confirms the payment, allowing this page to issue the tickets for the users.

Other prominent examples of the use of the API would be the following:

  1. Google Maps through its access to "API" allows you to put data and useful information on your maps, and present them with certain searches or personalized functions, from our own application.
  2. Twitter has enabled the development of a large number of alternative systems and web services that operate through its API.
  3. Facebook Connect provides certain data through the API to automatically register users on other websites, giving them the possibility to register and log in with their own Facebook accounts.
  4. Paypal with its "API" allows electronic payment operations using the web system itself, without the need to access / operate on the Paypal website, thus facilitating this transaction.

API uses

APIs can be used to communicate with the operating system (WinAPI), with databases (DBMS) or with communication protocols (Jabber / XMPP).

In recent years they have been used positively in the digital marketing sector through social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, LinkedIn, etc.) and other online platforms (Google Maps, WordPress, etc.), which has turned social media marketing into something simpler and much more profitable.

The APIs allow you to make use of functions that already exist in other software, so it is not necessary to be reinventing since you use code that is known to be tested and works correctly.

In the case of tools that are not open source, they serve to provide information to programmers on how to incorporate a specific functionality without having to provide information about how the process is carried out internally.

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