Apolitical is a concept that refers to a person who shows antipathy or disinterest towards political formations and ideologies or positions. Sometimes it is used as a synonym for neutral, when you do not agree with any position.

The apolitical or apolitical, therefore, is the person who shows a clear disinterest in matters related to ideologies or political positions. This, since he is not satisfied with any, presents a clear disinterest that defines him as apolitical.

And it is that, sometimes, this term serves as a synonym for neutral, since the person could not agree with the available training, so it would be considered apolitical.

It should not be confused with nonpartisanism.

The apolitical and the nonpartisan

These concepts tend to be very confusing, although they are not synonymous to consider them that way.

To get an idea and show their differences, we must take into account the following:

The apolitical is that person who shows a clear disinterest, or apathy, for politics, as well as everything related to it.

On the other hand, the nonpartisan, who is not apolitical, is the person who shows a clear disinterest in the political formations found in the government and opposition. The nonpartisan does not belong to any formation, and shows disinterest in them, but not in politics and related matters.

The danger of being apolitical

Being apolitical can be a very profitable option, many famous people were; as is the case of Salvador Dalí. However, in the same way, it could have serious negative consequences.

In this sense, we must know that politics is what dictates our future. Understood as institutional economists understood it, norms and regulation govern the relationships between different socioeconomic agents. In this way, if you do not participate in political life, the decisions that they apply, affecting us directly, will not be supported by the citizens. In this way, the democratic system is breached.

For this reason, disinterest in politics could lead us to more authoritarian scenarios. And it is that, to have a true democracy, civil society must show its opinion through its right to vote, as well as other elements included in the constitution, to decide on its future, and that of its descendants.

Most prominent apolitical characters

Some famous people have called themselves apolitical people. Among these, the following should be highlighted:

  • Unamuno.
  • Salvador Dali.
  • Paul Thomas Mann.

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