Argument by instantiation


An argument by exemplification is one that is built through the representation of examples, thus helping the receiver to get the idea of ​​what the sender is arguing.

Argument by exemplification is a very common type of argument. It is used frequently in two cases especially: in those in which the receiver does not understand or understand well the idea that we are transmitting to him; and it is also used to reinforce our argument by demonstrating cases that give us the reason in what we defend.

Through exemplification, we make the recipient understand that what we are arguing has been like this on other occasions. This type of argument is very common, we find it daily, especially in personal discussions, but also in debates and social gatherings. In the academic field it is also very relevant, since scientific evidence, whatever the discipline, is based on exemplification.

For example, if we argue that coups are usually carried out by the military, and we say that this happened in Venezuela in 1992, in Spain in 1936 and in Chile in 1973, we are making an argument by exemplification. Thus, the previous examples would serve to reinforce our idea or thesis.

Construction of an argument by exemplification

The argument by exemplification is built through the identification of actions identical to what we are defending.

It is done through the following steps:

  1. The first is the defense of an idea or fact. That is, to know what we are arguing about, what it is about, what we want to defend.
  2. Find previous cases that are the same as the one we are defending. That is, that what we argue has already happened before, and the more times it has happened, the more reinforced our argument will be.
  3. The thesis that we defend is joined to the examples that we have identified, resulting in the argument by exemplification.

Examples of argument by exemplification

Education: It is very useful in the educational field for students to understand the concepts transmitted by the teacher. To explain the law of gravity we can carry out numerous exemplifications such as throwing a pencil or a sheet of paper to the ground, so that what is being explained is captured more clearly.

Medicine: In the health area the argument is also used by exemplification. If we want to explain to a patient that they have to follow certain habits to improve their health, we can give examples that reinforce that idea. For example, if we have an alcoholic patient, we can tell him to improve his behavior that Pedro, another patient, due to excess alcohol, developed cirrhosis and that Juan has caused numerous damage to the digestive system.

Sport: If we are athletes and we want to improve in our sport, we can help ourselves from the training that other people have followed who have achieved the objectives that we want to achieve. Thus, we would argue through these cases that the training they followed worked.

Economic debate: Let's imagine that Juan defends that the countries with the greatest economic freedom are those whose system of government is democracy. And in turn, he says that this is the case in New Zealand, Australia, South Korea and Japan, his thesis is reinforced by the use of these examples.

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