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A scientific article is a written as well as published report that collects information that describes the results of an investigation that has been carried out. The objective of its publication is the defense or the replica of a theory, as well as the advancement of knowledge.

A scientific article, therefore, is an article or a written report, which has been published in a scientific journal, organization, etc. This article, in turn, is made up of information collected by research carried out by a scientific researcher, usually from the academic world.

Its objective is to express the support of a particular theory or article, as well as the replica of the same. All this, with the aim of promoting knowledge and advancement of science.

Characteristics of the scientific article

Knowing what the scientific article is, we proceed to detail those characteristics that make an article scientific.

Among the characteristics presented by the scientific article, the following should be highlighted:

  • It is written in a formal language.
  • Its length is broader than that of an opinion piece, for example.
  • The reading includes scientific evidence that supports the hypothesis.
  • It is usually developed on a specific scientific topic.
  • Shows the results obtained on that topic.
  • The results must be valid and reliable.
  • They have the mission of bringing knowledge to the academic world.
  • You must maintain some publication rules.

Structure of a scientific article

The sections that make up a scientific article are detailed below.

  • Title and authors.
  • Abstract or summary.
  • Methodology.
  • Results.
  • Discussion.
  • References.

By sections:

  • Title and authors: Includes the central title of the topic, the date of publication, as well as the authors who carried out the study.
  • Summary or abstract: The article must include an abstract that addresses the topic on which we are going to focus the research.
  • Methodology: The investigation is detailed, as well as the methodology chosen to carry it out.
  • Results: The results obtained after the tests are shown.
  • Discussion: With the existing literature, the solution to this problem is demonstrated.
  • References: Includes all manuals, articles and other reports that have been used to prepare the article and extract information.

Depending on the journal in which you want to be published, the article must follow a series of instructions and publication rules, as well as revisions.

Recommendations for writing a scientific article

To prepare a scientific article, we must know that there are a series of criteria that, according to UNESCO, must be followed. For the aforementioned organization, all scientific articles must reflect precision, clarity and brevity.

However, aside from this, there are another series of recommendations that could help the reader to write a scientific article.

  • Structure the central idea, and define it well.
  • Use words that do not confuse the reader.
  • Be accurate and objective in your data.
  • Include graphics and illustrations that support the text.
  • Separate the writing into short paragraphs that do not make it difficult to read.
  • The language used, while being simple, must be formal and rigorous.

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