Tax consultant


A tax advisor is a professional of an economic nature in charge of managing the commitments of another person or company from the tax point of view, according to the legality of a certain territory.

The appearance of the figure of tax advisor responds to the fact that, on many occasions, both natural and legal persons require the help of an external agent when managing the calculation and payment of their taxes.

Similarly, this figure can help estimate deductible amounts due to your professional expertise.

Commonly, tax advisers are governed by the achievement of the greatest savings for their clients, by means of the minimum payment of taxes possible within the tax law of the territory in which they are located.

A tax advisor can also participate in making other types of economic decisions. These are cases such as the study of different life insurance options, pension plans, etc. Therefore, the training necessary for this type of job is related to Economics and Law.

Main functions of the tax advisor

The task of providing tax advice to natural and legal persons is based on a series of basic tasks:

  • Knowledge of current legislation and savings alternatives in tax matters
  • Constant search for the greatest possible benefit for the client, optimizing their tax burden
  • In-depth study and evaluation of your client's accounts and properties for more advantageous tax returns (personal income tax, VAT or Corporation Tax)
  • In the case of tax advice for companies, control and monitoring of accounting movements and accounts.
  • Carrying out all kinds of public records, such as when legalizing accounting books in the Mercantile Registry

This type of professional is usually used in cases in which the individual or a company does not have the knowledge or the minimum preparation to carry out an adequate fiscal control and monitoring.

It is also possible that the outsourcing of this type of functions is carried out with the objective not only of complying with common tax obligations, but also seeking greater optimization, as indicated above.

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