An advisor is a subject matter specialist who gives advice to others in exchange for monetary consideration.

Focusing on the economy, what does an advisor do? What the advisor does is help others in making decisions related to it. In this way, it carries out a support and guidance service providing its knowledge in certain matters such as taxation or the commercial field.

Origin of the advisor

Advisors date back to the Roman Empire. This figure was essential in many agreements and he sat next to his client to help him in his decision. This action gave rise to the term, which comes from "assessor", which means "to assist" and from "assid─ôre", which is the action of sitting next to someone.

But, in addition, when Rome sent a president to any province, he was accompanied by a "jurisconsult" who acted as an adviser. Later, in monarchies such as the Spanish, this term was used to refer to the king's advisers, who advised him in the administration of the kingdom. Over the years, as we will see below, it has adopted very different meanings, but something in common is advising others.

Different types of advisers

Currently the figure of the advisor has different aspects. We will focus on some of them, especially in the economic sphere.

  • Tax or accounting advisor: He is a specialist in taxation and accounting who helps his clients with tax planning or keeping their books. You can also offer them a management service for these, filling in the various official forms.
  • Financial advisor: Advises companies and individuals on investment and financing. that is to say, it tells them where they can save, invest or by what means to finance themselves.
  • Commercial advisor: Advises in the execution of contracts and other commercial operations. In this way, he is a specialist in trade rules. In this same area we can include the legal advisor or the Labor Party.
  • Adviser-consultant: Advises on aspects related to business consulting. For example, questions about computers, branding, advertising campaigns and other matters. It is a type that every day takes on greater relevance.
  • In education, in this economic case, there is the figure of the thesis advisor, who is also known as a tutor or director. This indicates to the doctoral student about the steps to follow to obtain the relevant qualification.
  • Real estate advisor: This helps us choose our home or property. But not only to buy it, also if we choose the rental scheme it will guide us on the options available in the market. In addition, in this case your clients are both tenants and owners.
  • Not directly related to the economy would be the political advisor. Its main task is to provide advice to leaders on the work to be done. It has its origin in the ancient royal advisers that we have written about before.

Some curiosities about the advisors

Finally, we will comment on some curiosities related to advice but in its most striking and non-economic aspects.

  • An example of the need for a good advisor, in this case about history, is the mistakes of some films. The best known occur in the Disney factory and, for example, in works such as "Sleeping Beauty." The dance scene could not take place at a time, the fourteenth century, when it was forbidden for the couple to touch. But fiction is that, fiction.
  • The Big Bang Theory series, how could it be otherwise, has an advisor. This, of course, is a physicist and his name is David Salzburg. He is a professor at the University of California and responsible for such funny but coherent dialogues of the protagonists. In fact, he is an essential figure behind the scenes.
  • Finally, a historical overview. Henry VI had a sexual adviser. It appears that the king suffered from some privacy problems. This person helped him overcome them and became the first "sexologist consultant" in history. Well, that way.

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