Counseling is the work of a professional or a company destined to carry out different functions of advice, control and supervision of the economic activity of a natural or legal person who hires their services in the economic and legal field.

The origin of the concept of consultancy is closely linked to the need for professionals specialized in certain tasks. Thanks to this specialization process, other people or companies have the possibility of resorting to your help to optimize their own activity.

In this way, the contractors of advisory services seek to achieve a higher level of experience, training, and speed of processes compared to those they would have if they performed the same functions themselves. At the same time, all this goes hand in hand with a consequent economic improvement through cost and time savings.

Within an economic and business framework, it is common for all consultancy to base its work on monitoring the operations of its client, helping in making decisions of the type appropriate to the services for which it has been contacted.

Fields in which the consultancy intervenes

There are different areas in which advisory work is frequent. The most prominent areas according to the nature of the advice that is produced would be:

  • Legal.
  • Labor.
  • Fiscal.
  • Accountant.

In all modalities, the advisory operation is based on the study of the needs of the natural or legal person who uses its services. Taking into account its resources, obligations and characteristics, it prepares action plans adjusted to them and aimed at promoting greater efficiency.

Other modalities of advice in the business field

Apart from those already mentioned, there are other types of advice that people and companies frequently turn to in their day-to-day life. This is the case of those advisory companies in matters of corporate image and public relations.

The improvement of the corporate image is a constant in the current scenario and therefore companies hire advisory services that look after their interests and help them in the achievement of objectives in this line, as well as reputation through environmental advice, for example.

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