Self realisation


Self-actualization is achieving the goals or aspirations that someone has in mind. When it is achieved, great satisfaction is obtained for everything that has been achieved during that process.

This concept and its implementation were already in force in Ancient Greece.It was introduced and coined by Kurt Goldstein, an organismic theorist.

It was intended to refer to the implementation of an individual's potential. In Goldstein's words, the motivation and goals were: "the tendency to fulfill oneself as much as possible is the basic drive ... the drive for self-actualization" thus being the true motivation for this practice.

If this term is referred to, taking into account the field of psychology, and the types that exist, it is mentioned as self-discovery, the path that the individual follows to find his true self and feel totally connected to himself and his life experiences.

Maslow's Pyramid is also mentioned to emphasize that self-realization can be achieved, if all the needs mentioned in his study are satisfied.

Steps to achieve self-actualization

These are the main ones:

  • Define your own goals: This is essential to achieve self-realization. Knowing the objectives and the path to follow to achieve them will be something that must be clear from the beginning.
  • Meet those objectives: It is a priority to commit to the objectives that one has. It is very good to write them, and draw up a plan to achieve them, but without commitment it is difficult to make them come true.
  • Establish social relationships: You do not have to get carried away by others to meet your goals, but it is clear that if positive relationships are established, and a series of connections are made in relation to the goals that one has, they can be very fruitful .
  • The value of sacrifices: You have to know that to achieve goals and certain things, you have to make sacrifices. Maybe if what you want is to get approved for an opposition, you will have to go out less, and focus more on studies, for example. You have to appreciate the sacrifices that you have to make, and be willing to make them to feel self-fulfilling.
  • Realistic objectives: The important thing is to be happy with the achievement of your objectives, but you have to have a realistic attitude and mentality, to achieve small things to reach the goal. It makes no sense to want to lose 30 kilos in a month, because it is also not healthy, but if little by little you make small changes in your diet, you start practicing sports and follow a healthy routine, you will see the results, and This process must also be enjoyed to feel motivated and achieve what you want.

People who have managed to feel self-fulfilled are the example of the perfect balance between their desires and what they have actually achieved. They feel full, liberated, motivated and also know how to recognize the effort and what it has cost them what they have achieved. They know how to value this process and the end of it.

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