A bazaar is a market where a multitude of products are for sale and it is common to find it in eastern and Arab cities.

Bazaars have become real economic centers in these countries. There are permanent bazaars, and others that are agglutinated in a specific way in a certain point of the city enabled for it.

The first great bazaar is located in Istanbul in the year 1461, it is known as The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. It remains active as it has become a landmark and has been considered the first major shopping center in the world.

500 years ago it was a place where a thriving business originated. Its area has an area of ​​45,000 m2, and is made up of 64 avenues, numerous streets to walk through and 14 courtyards with almost 4,000 stores.

The businesses that sell their products in this huge bazaar are structured by the guilds to which they correspond, and the streets in which they are located are baptized with the name of the guild that is in them.

What is sold in a bazaar?

In a bazaar you can find all kinds of products: watches, ceramics, fabrics, clothes ...

In these commercial points, typical and traditional products of the localities in which they are located are usually sold.

Their prices are usually more affordable than those that usually exist in the market. It is one of the reasons for the enormous visits that tourists and locals regularly receive. In fact, they have become a great tourist attraction.

There are specific bazaars that sell certain products such as everything related to crafts, and also the authors themselves actively participate to promote themselves and publicize their own work.

The permanent bazaars alternate in the market, which are usually huge markets where there is a great variety of products, and the occasional ones that can be installed during a certain time, and their size is usually smaller.

The eastern bazaars

Bazaars originated in the East as we know them. They are prominent places, and with great relevance in Asian countries since they are economic centers of great importance.

They are a great attraction for tourists, and for the residents themselves, as local products are sold with great appeal to both types of consumers. In fact, there are scheduled trips that include the obligatory visit to these places when visiting the country of origin in which they are located.

The most prominent and recognized bazaars are the following: the Grand Bazaar of Turkey, known as the origin and model of the rest of the bazaars; the Tabriz bazaar in Iran, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO; the Kashgar Bazaar in China with 75,000 stalls; the Damnoen Saduak floating market in Thailand, where products were originally bought and sold on the boats themselves, leading to floating markets like this one; and the Marrakech market in Morocco, one of the best known in the world, and some claim that it is a true cradle of haggling. In it you can find products of all kinds, especially costume jewelery, ceramics, jewelry, among other items.

In the West it is more difficult to find these types of markets, since they are typical of Arab and Asian countries.

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