The burotic is the phenomenon that encompasses and defines the transformation of business environments (especially with regard to office spaces). This, with the help of technological advances and towards greater automation of processes.

The importance of the burotic, since the 70s of the last century, lies in the improvement and streamlining of a multitude of processes. In turn, these advances required a large investment in electronics.

With the advancement of bureaucracy and the consequent automation of processes, most companies have chosen to gradually incorporate a greater amount of resources or tools to their offices to speed up processes. In this way, they are directed towards an optimum point, pursuing a higher level of efficiency.

At the same time, the appearance and subsequent extension of Internet networks at all levels of society has also meant a full stop in terms of bureaucracy. This, due to the greater facilities for the connection and constant transfer of information.

In addition, an aspect to highlight from the business point of view is that undoubtedly the adoption of new office techniques and tools means a significant reduction in costs and time for companies.

Office automation processes encompassed by the office

These are the main processes encompassed within the burotic:

  • Information storage and archiving, as well as its agile transfer and transformation.
  • Telecommunications, of special importance in a globalized economic environment.
  • Creation and development of reports and documentation.
  • Decrease in problems such as loss of information.
  • Robotics and more sophisticated machinery.

Criticism of the burotic effect

The fact that an increasing number of tasks are automated is also frowned upon. Thus, the bureaucracy is often criticized for the consequent reduction of human effort in work processes.

There are markets such as insurance, for example, where the evaluation of customer portfolios has been automated. Consequently, decision-making regarding policies is carried out by means of computer applications and different algorithms.

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