Quality is a property that a thing or object has, and that defines its value, as well as the satisfaction it causes in a subject.

The definition of quality may vary. It is a subjective concept, since if you ask someone about what they perceive for quality, it will probably be different from what someone else considers. For example, one person may think that a vehicle has a remarkable quality, while another may disagree and consider that a different car is of higher quality than the previous one proposed by the individual.

Quality is an attribute very taken into account in most cases. In addition, it is also an adjective that is used as a sales tool when applying it to any service, product, or brand.

There are different points of view when it comes to quality. An example of this would be to offer certain values ​​to customers unlike other brands, offer continuous improvements in products or services, generate work processes that are widely accepted by all workers, value customer opinions and fulfill their expectations, obtain benefits and rewards on the use of a service.

In short, quality can be extended to a great variety of things, situations and areas, so it can be mentioned and specified in all of them.

Different concepts referred to by the term quality

These are the most common:

  • Quality of life. It refers to the fact of perceiving subjective and objective values ​​that imply that the individual can achieve total well-being in all social areas, and that they can access the goods they need and meet their vital needs. For example, for some, the quality of life would be to live in the country, enjoy nature and disconnect from the big city. For others it would be the opposite. Some may find quality of life living in a small apartment, embracing minimalism, without the need to have too many things, but giving value to what they do have. For others, it would be living in a large house with numerous rooms and having any new lens on the market. You want to be able to allow yourself to live the way you want.
  • The quality of customer service. This aspect depends on the perception that the client has about the treatment received when addressing a brand. There can be multiple causes that lead a user to contact a certain brand: complaints, doubts, even congratulations on the product or service. But the important thing, and for the client to have a perception of optimal quality, is to offer them personalized treatment, communication and solutions to their questions as soon as possible. In this way, a client will be able to associate the word quality with the treatment received.
  • The quality of a product. It is about the features that an article has, its functionality, fulfilling what it promises, and that the expectations that have been generated when making use of it are fully met.
  • Quality in production. It is about carrying out a series of planning, execution and actions to ensure that the process from the moment the product originates, is managed in the factory, distributed and reaches the customer, is optimal in all aspects, achieving the necessary quality to supply customer needs.

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