Pink capitalism


Pink capitalism is the appropriation of the movement and discourse of the LGBTIQ + community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, queer and others) by the capitalist market system. It is a term used critically.

This kind of capitalism arises when pink money, the purchasing power of the LGBTIQ + community, acquires sufficient importance to make projects or businesses aimed exclusively at this group profitable.

It is important to distinguish pink capitalism from pink money, which is merely the purchasing power of the LGBTIQ + collective.

The main criticism of this type of capitalism is that it commodifies the LGBTIQ + movement. Instead of letting the discourse of that community itself influence the dynamics of supply and demand, it is capitalism that influences the discourse. In this way, you adapt it to your models and consumption needs.

An example of pink capitalism would be taking advantage of the festivities for LGBT pride month to advertise. So, let's imagine that a company participates in the march and uses the opportunity to promote its new personal care product.

Criticism of pink capitalism

Although pink capitalism represents an opportunity for the greater visibility of the LGBTIQ + movement, it can also undermine the fight for the rights of this community.

As the market is the one that sets the model of "LGBT", the currents within this movement that are not economically interesting will be left out of the market. In other words, there are minority groups that will be excluded by companies.

In sum, pink capitalism diverts attention from the social struggle of the LGBTIQ + community. Thus, it is primarily concerned that it may turn pride month celebrations into a mere business event.

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