Causes of absenteeism


The causes of work absenteeism are the reasons why a worker is absent from his job.

Absenteeism occurs when a person does not go to their job and, therefore, does not fulfill their obligations. Within work absenteeism, there are different types, as well as consequences. However, in this article we will focus on the main causes of the problem.

In addition, everything is said, absenteeism implies a great problem for companies, the person, families and even society. Productivity is reduced, the employee's job is jeopardized, and associated problems can have unintended consequences.

In this sense, knowing the causes of absenteeism can help a lot to avoid the problem. That is, if we know the root of the problem, not only the types and the consequences, we will have a greater chance of solving the problem.

For its part, it should be noted that there may be the case of abandonment of the same, before concluding their legal day, which can also be considered as absenteeism.

Causes of absenteeism

Absenteeism is multifactorial, since each employee may be going through complex moments and, therefore, the causes that can trigger it are very different. Here are some cases:

  • Lack of motivation and / or recognition of the employee's work in their workplace.
  • Diseases, whether they are chronic degenerative or common diseases.
  • Accidents on or off the job.
  • Difficulties in transportation, such as long journeys to be made by the employee from his home to his place of work.
  • Personal reasons of a different nature, whether of a family nature or carrying out formalities or procedures.
  • Organizational climate incompatible with the personality of the employee.

Logically, although the above are the main causes, there may be others. This, since each person, each company and, ultimately, each situation is different.


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