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The Central Balance Sheet of the Bank of Spain compiles all the economic-financial information of non-financial companies, at the same time it creates a database to extract statistics about the situation shown by the business fabric of the country.

The Bank of Spain collects a large amount of information about the different areas of the Spanish economy, while, obviously, it uses this information to generate statistics and analyze them. The Central Balance Sheet was created in 1983, with the main objective of knowing the situation of non-financial companies in the country.

The main data with which it works are the annual accounts that the different companies prepare at the end of the year. The Central Balance Sheet uses the information that these companies deposit in the different Mercantile Registries, together with the extra information provided by the collaborating companies.

Requirements for collaborating companies of the Central Balance Sheet

In this sense, to be a collaborating company it is only necessary not to be a financial company and to have a name of the ones mentioned below:

  • Anonymous.
  • Limited.
  • Collective.
  • Limited.
  • Cooperative.
  • Autonomous business organization.
  • Public business entity.

A collaborating company must annually fill out a questionnaire based on the accounting plan. This questionnaire is designed according to the size of the company and can be delivered online or in person. Along with this, the Central Balance Sheet Quarterly survey can also be carried out to provide more information.

Advantages of being a collaborating company of the Central de Balances

All those companies that collaborate with the Bank of Spain have preferential and free access to the following information:

  • Sectorial aggregates.
  • Study compared with the sector.
  • Access to international databases.
  • Public information on interest rates.
  • Detailed studies.
  • Quarterly results of non-financial companies.

Statistics obtained from the Central Balance Sheet

The Bank of Spain compiles numerous statistics based on the information obtained from the Central Balance Sheet. Here are some of them:

  • Number of companies by size and nature.
  • Number of employees for each type of company.
  • No. of companies, both in national terms and divided by autonomous communities.
  • No. of companies divided by their National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE).

These data allow the aforementioned magnitudes to be monitored, which helps to know first-hand how the Spanish productive fabric of non-financial companies behaves.

In conclusion, the Central Balance Sheet is in charge of compiling the information regarding the annual accounts of non-financial companies and compiling certain statistics. This work allows to know in depth the operation of the country's companies and the different economic measures adopted.

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