Cybernetics is the science by which an artificial development of imitation is carried out in the functioning of a living being.

By 'operation' we refer to regulation and communication systems, which are essential in order to develop a basic function. Examples of basic functions can be anything from screwing in a screw, to spelling out a word.

Then, we must understand by cybernetics any attempt to build a regulation and communication system that can have a certain independence through engineering, mathematics and technology.

The meaning of cybernetic

To better understand the concept, it is necessary to know the impact and meaning of terms that may still be unknown to us:

  • Programming: It consists of predetermining a pattern of behavior by means of a computer code. This will be key in the computing process.
  • Computing: We refer to the process by which information is transmitted digitally between computing devices.
  • Robotics: It would be the branch that combines the study of the programming and mechanics of a machine.
  • Regulation system: This system is responsible for choosing the response in one way or another depending on the stimulus or the scenario presented to the machine.
  • Communication system: After the decision of the regulation system, we would find the communication system. This consists of issuing an action or response taking into account the environment and the receiver of said response.

As we can see, the factors are necessary to each other, existing a relationship of interdependence in order to achieve cybernetics as such. On the other hand, although the previous concepts can be expanded considerably, in summary these would be the notions necessary to understand the concept that is being developed.

Cyber ​​examples

Examples that we can find in the cybernetic application are:

  • Artificial intelligence is the most ambitious cybernetic concept, since its purpose is to make a machine reproduce human behavior and reasoning as well as possible.
  • Machines in a factory that are dedicated to the accomplishment of a single task are also an example of the use of cybernetics. Since it can replace partially or totally human intervention in a manufacturing process.

We can also find the use of cybernetics in mobile applications, simulation video games or computer programs.

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