Vicious circle


A vicious circle is a structure that is constantly repeated and in which a person is immersed. Everything that individual does takes him to the same starting point. This concept is often used to refer to relationships, attitudes or behaviors that do not generate very positive results.

A vicious circle represents the actions that an individual repeats constantly and that are harmful to their own person. For example, toxic relationships. Many times the same patterns are repeated that lead to repeating similar couples and that are ruined by similar causes.

Normally, someone who is immersed in this crossroads is not usually aware of it. He is more focused on repeating that behavior even if it is harmful than on realizing possible solutions.

To get out of a vicious circle, it is good to have the vision of third parties who can help an individual understand what is happening. On many occasions it is advisable to go to a psychology professional to solve this problem.

It can also contribute favorably if a friend or family members can give a wake-up call and help the person who is in a vicious circle. This can help you realize what is happening.

A vicious circle always involves the repetition of situations and experiences over the years, generating negative consequences for the person. Your quality of life may be impaired by this circumstance in which you find yourself.

The different types of psychology that exist usually treat this type of problem.

Characteristics of a vicious circle

These are the main features:

  • These types of behaviors and situations are repeated constantly for a long time.
  • They usually have a negative result for the person.
  • It is very difficult to detect the patterns in which you are immersed yourself and to get out of them. Normally, a person is not aware that he is in a vicious circle.
  • These patterns are automated and are natural for an individual, so he repeats them constantly without perceiving the consequences.
  • If it is a persistent problem that is difficult to solve on the part of oneself or the people around, it is advisable to have external professional help such as a psychologist.
  • It is possible to get out of a vicious circle, but it must be noted that it is not easy and requires effort, perseverance and the understanding that such patterns must be changed.

Example of vicious circle

Relationships with a partner, addictions or behaviors that are harmful to oneself are some of the most prominent examples when we refer to this concept.

Having been a victim of violence during childhood, an essential moment in which a child is being trained and educated, can generate a vicious circle around it. These patterns can be reproduced in adulthood and put into practice with the partner or even the children.

This also applies to relationships that always end negatively. For example, always dating a type of partner that leads to infidelity or jealousy.

The only way to get out of a vicious circle is by becoming aware that you are inside it. It is time to start changing behaviors and replace old patterns with different ones of a positive nature and that are not harmful to a person.

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