Copyright represents the author's rights granted to the creators of a literary work, musical theme or scientific article, among others.

Copyright is the way of attributing authorship to someone who has created a work, in addition to providing them with a series of rights as an author.

It is a way to protect this work so that its own creator can manage the rights to its content.

The moral and economic rights of a work are included in the copyright of a creation of these characteristics.

What types of works are protected by copyright?

These are the most prominent:

  • Books, brochures, articles.
  • Songs, musical works, recordings.
  • Any type of musical composition, whether or not it has lyrics.
  • Cinematographic and audiovisual works: films, short films, documentaries ...
  • Drawings, comics, paintings.
  • Interviews of any kind.
  • Maps, graphic designs, designs related to topography.
  • Comics, sculptures, essays, sketches ...

These are the works that are most frequently covered by copyright, which ensures its safety and authorship.

All authors should know their rights when creating a work, publishing it, and knowing that their creative effort pays off.

How to register copyright?

It is important when a work has been created to be able to register it. For this there are a series of steps that will depend on each country and, therefore, on the corresponding laws.

Another recommended option is to register the work in Safe Creative, a platform that allows you to carry out this procedure, and that the author is recognized with all his rights.

Why is copyright important?

These are the highlights:

  • The author ensures the recognition of his work.
  • It is the beneficiary of the commercial efforts of this.
  • Avoid at all times that someone is able to steal your authorship.
  • You can decide the accessibility of your work at any time. From the option of all rights reserved, which is the most common to share referring to its authorship, for example.

Despite this, on many occasions the authors suffer from the illegal copying and sale of their works, as well as from plagiarism. However, the best way to fight against this is to register the work, and that the copyright is clear from the beginning to avoid that these types of problems do not arise, or if they do occur they can be dealt with legally.

With the impact of new technologies, and access to the internet, many of these problems arise as a result of the use that is given to them on these platforms. Digital piracy is in force, and therefore it is necessary to make it clear from the first moment who is the authorship of any work.

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