Cross marketing


Cross marketing or cross marketing is a strategy in which complementary products are presented to consumers to increase sales.

Cross marketing is one of the techniques that are being used the most to improve a company's sales.

It is usually used with customers who browse a website and are evaluating the possibility of buying an item. In the same process, you are offered a series of complementary products that could be of use to you. For example, a customer buys a radio mixer, and a number of related products such as a microphone, cables, and speakers are suggested on the same page.

But it can also occur in a physical store including related products in an area, in such a way that users who visit a store can find items that combine closely and accessible and that awakens the need to buy them.

An example would be a take away food store where there are several menus of food, desserts, starters, and also the clerk asks the person who has gone to buy if they want to include more options when they have chosen. Everything, with the aim of motivating you to buy more things.

Advantages and disadvantages of cross marketing

The most outstanding advantages of cross marketing are:

  • It can improve the relationship with the customer since they perceive that the brand is attentive to their needs when it comes to offering related products just one click away, in a very accessible way.
  • Improve sales, in fact that is the goal.
  • You can build loyalty since users can take that online store, or physical establishment as a reference.
  • Better accessibility. The user does not have to go crazy looking for products that match the one they have chosen.
  • They offer several alternatives. Within the complementary products, there are articles of different brands, and characteristics, so it can be highly valued by the customer.

The disadvantages are as follows:

  • It may be the case that too many options are offered to choose from, and that generates doubts in the buyer, and ends up giving up by not knowing which would be the most advisable for him. You may feel overwhelmed by it.
  • The store must always be aware of offering related products, not others that have nothing to do with it. If this happened it would create a lot of confusion for the user.

How to implement this technique successfully

These are the keys to start doing it:

  • The first thing is to know the client, and the needs they have. It is important to do a study on him, the ideal client to which a brand is directed, and from there offer products that meet their needs, and complementary items that increase their interest. In this way, a relationship of trust can be created, and the brand will be the first choice of that customer.
  • You have to know how to structure cross-selling in an online store, or a physical establishment. The client cannot perceive that it is an aggressive act of sale, so it will be necessary to take care of the design in both options, and the way in which the articles are arranged, as well as the way to address the user if they want more information, or with the intention to motivate you to buy.
  • The suggestions, the techniques of including different packs are very successful. For example, a pack consisting of a computer, backpack, mouse and speaker, or the option to add suggestions such as the sale of a mattress and the options of pillows, and cushions are added.

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