The CTR, also called Click Through Rate, is an indicator used to measure an online advertising campaign. It is responsible for measuring the number of clicks a certain link has in relation to the number of impressions it has.

The CTR is the way in which you know how effective an ad is having on the Internet. With the CTR you can measure the performance of certain keywords and also the success of the ads, since the number of clicks that people make on them is measured.

Internet and new technologies have revolutionized the world of marketing and advertising. This has meant that new forms of advertising are carried out in the digital sector.

New techniques have been implemented that must subsequently be evaluated, making measurements to know if the results obtained are optimal.

Online advertising is one of the most used options by companies to show and improve the sales of their products. Therefore, as they invest in this type of advertising, brands must know if it really works for them. In addition, these measurements allow them to find out which are the most searched words in Google, for example.

Without a doubt, it is a widely used concept in the world of digital marketing.

How is the CTR calculated?

The CTR is calculated by carrying out a specific formula to know the number of clicks that a certain link has obtained in relation to the times it has been seen by users.

Therefore, the formula would be as follows: clicks: impressions = CTR

Why is it important to measure CTR?

Mainly for the following:

  • It allows to know the impact that an online advertising campaign has had. This is something important, since a budget is being invested for it.
  • It serves to know the type of keywords that can work better in the online sector, in relation to the product or service that is being promoted.
  • Knowing this type of data will allow you to repeat the formula in subsequent campaigns or modify elements to achieve better performance with them.

How can the CTR be optimized?

There are many factors that go into running an online advertising campaign. They are elements that are sometimes beyond our control. For example, when other advertisers intervene.

However, although the best way is test and rehearsal, there are aspects that we can take into account to improve the CTR of an advertising promotion. These are the most prominent:

  • Select keywords well: This will be of great help to be specific in this matter when choosing the keywords that best suit the brand. A preliminary study of keywords can be done with some free tools that exist in the online market. For example, through Google Trends.
  • Study the target audience: To carry out any action plan and prepare the previous strategies for it, it is necessary to know the audience we are addressing. It is useless to plan a campaign if we do not know our ideal client. This will help us to better make the ads, segment them and also create texts oriented to that audience that is of interest to the company.
  • Add keywords to the URL: The ad must include keywords in its URL to attract the attention of users. It is the best way to assure users that they will find the information they are looking for and will give them confidence.
  • Include calls to action: It is useless if the ad does not guide users to do what the brand wants. Therefore, including calls to effective action will be another element that must be taken into account in order to capture the attention of the audience.

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