Client quota


The concept of customer quota refers to the ratio of what a customer spends on our company or products and their total consumption in that particular category.

The customer quota is a term that is associated with the degree of satisfaction and loyalty with the products of a company. If the client has positive opinions, this will have an effect on attracting other clients and also increasing their share of purchases in the company and the useful life of the client with the business is very fruitful.

If, on the other hand, a customer decides to make bad reviews about the business, they will not buy from it again. The relationship between the company and the customer will disappear. Consequently, it will cause more customers to express their opinion on the matter, thus harming customer loyalty.

Differences between customer share and market share

These two concepts are necessary when talking about marketing in general. The meaning of each one must be known so as not to confuse terms.

  • Customer quota: The computation of what a customer consumes, or buys, in a company and its total consumption in that category.
  • Market share: It is the part of the market that buys those products or consumes from a business.

The difference is that in the customer share it is specified individually and in the market share a number of consumers is already spoken in the plural.

Reasons to increase the sales of loyal customers

To improve this, focus on the following:

  • Getting a new customer costs almost 6 times more than keeping a customer happy and satisfied when following a brand.
  • The relationship with that client has already generated prior communication between the company and the user. Therefore there is a relationship that is maintained over time. Also, yes, this has been fruitful, there is also an emotional part, not just an economic one.
  • Having a database of these customers and studying them to offer them new products and services will help meet their needs and make them buy indefinitely from that brand.

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