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The concept of designation of origin indicates the origin of a food product, reviews its quality, and is also a way to protect the industrial property of that product.

Wines, sausages, cheeses, fruits and a wide variety of food products are associated with this name. But what does this distinction mean and is it unique?

An appellation of origin is associated with a specific place in a territory, with the characteristics associated with that place, context, properties, specifications, quality and quantities. For example: we can talk about the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin to locate a series of own and characteristic wines of that area.

Appellations of origin are regulated through a series of regulations determined for their proper implementation, various decrees and laws. In addition, so that everything pertinent is fulfilled, the regulatory councils of each appellation of origin will be in charge of complying with all the guidelines that have been established.

The essential thing is to create a quality product, which stands out from the rest, and keeps its characteristics intact.

The first distinctions in terms of quality date back to the nineteenth century when it was sought to protect food and products typical of certain areas to avoid unfair and fraudulent competition. The first denominations arose related to wine in Europe, in countries such as Italy, France or Spain. Subsequently, these names have been extended to other food products such as cheeses, sausages or fruits.

The countries already watch over the producers and that the products produced are of extraordinary quality. In fact, farmers demand this since it benefits them when exporting their productions, and they are committed to producing a quality product to introduce it to the market.

What does the designation of origin contribute to a product?

These are the main contributions:

  • The quality of the product is constant, it is ensured that this is the case throughout the production process. It is a seal that distinguishes and highlights that a product is of quality. In addition, so that this is carried out from the beginning, all those producers who wish to obtain this seal also receive guidelines, and training so that traditional methods are correctly executed so that the quality is optimal.
  • They obtain a degree of recognition worldwide. Without a doubt, having a food product with a designation of origin gives prestige and makes a global recognition and knowledge of that product exist.
  • Creators are legally protected against any type of falsification that may arise. Since they comply with the indicated regulations, they are also protected if this happens.
  • It is a way of offering safety to the consumer since he feels confident with the product since it is guaranteed that it complies with quality regulations.
  • In addition to having a presence in the national market, the appellation of origin allows access to distribution in international markets. Having this seal always gives a certain prestige to access the global market.

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