Difference between need and desire


The need and the desire are two different concepts, which can sometimes lead to confusion, but while the need refers to the essential things to live, the desire focuses on what one would like to obtain, but which is not a basic need. .

Desire refers to all those things that you aspire to achieve, but are not essential to live. They do not pose a basic need. The achievement of a wish is not something radical that involves life or death, but has a lot to do depending on the person, the value and the category that is given to a certain thing. For example: for one person perhaps his greatest wish is to buy a yacht, and for another that the subway station is close to his house.

Each one gives a different value to what they want, and that also means that it is easier to achieve it or not. Perhaps it is more difficult to buy a yacht, or to save for it, than to live near a subway station whose main objective is to be able to save time and proximity in a means of transport that allows saving time.

Fulfilling wishes can make the person who gets them happier, but it is equally important to balance with the needs since these are essential to be able to live.

The need generally refers to essential issues in order to survive. From the most basic as primary needs suppose to some more advanced ones, such as secondary needs and tertiary needs that are met when the first ones are satisfied.

This order of needs corresponds to Maslow's pyramid, in which he emphasizes that the primary ones correspond to the most essential ones, such as drinking, eating or breathing. Later, he already talks about those necessary to have a safer life such as medical care, vaccines, and in the latter he focuses on the social section, which includes those in which the individual has social recognition, or belonging to a group of friends, for example.

Differences between need and desire

These are the most prominent:

  • Needs are more important than desires because some of them are essential to survive: drink water, breathe, eat ...
  • Wishes on the contrary are not essential to life, but they do make those who fulfill them happier.
  • Needs are not questionable as they are vital. On the other hand, the wishes respond to the value that each one gives them in terms of their fulfillment and execution.
  • Desires can be unlimited, but it is important to assess those that can be fulfilled and a hierarchical order that makes them more accessible according to vital circumstances. For example, if a desire is to buy a country house, it will probably be achieved after several years working, and not just immersed in the job market.

It is essential to always differentiate desire and need. Be clear about the objectives, and know that the wishes are a way to get an incentive to be happier, but taking the precaution of not getting lost in them deliberately. If it is vital to know that needs are essential for life, especially when talking about the most basic such as breathing, or eating.

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