Difference between principles and values


Although they are sometimes used interchangeably, there are differences between principles and values. The values ​​form a guide to establish the type of suitable behavior on the part of the individuals in the society. On the other hand, the principles are universal norms and beliefs that aim to enhance human development and live in harmony.

Both concepts are necessary and must be put into practice so that the human being can live in a balanced way in society and at the individual level.

Many times they are confused when it comes to being used, but they harbor differences when it comes to putting them into practice.

Values ​​are qualities that are part of a person and that are related to what is accepted on a social level. For example, ethical values ​​or moral values, among others.

The principles have to be fulfilled so that one can live in a balanced way in society. They form a very effective guide to know what is correct and what is not. Thanks to this, people can live in harmony and contribute to an effective social way of life. For example, principle of equality or principle of life.

What are the main differences between principles and values?

These are the most prominent:

  • The principles are universal and do not depend on any type of condition or interpretation.
  • Values ​​can be questioned or valued. For example, it can be said that a person lacks ethical values ​​if his behavior is intolerable.
  • The values ​​are known at a general level, but their implementation starts from the commitment of the individual himself. There are people who do not respect certain values ​​or have no commitment to them.
  • The principles are norms that it is recommended to comply with so that there is a good functioning at the social level.
  • The values ​​are closely related to the personality and the way of acting of the human being.

What are the most outstanding values?

These are the most recognized:

  • Ethical values: People govern their conduct based on these values. They influence in a prominent way when it comes to behaving and relating to what surrounds us. For example, animals and people.
  • Civic values: They are those that are considered positive for good social development.
  • Social values: Those that are shared in society to live in a balanced and harmonious way. They are known to members of society and putting them into practice ensures that they can live effectively.

What principles are the most prominent?

These principles are the most prominent:

  • Principle of freedom: This type of principle refers to the freedom that human beings have from birth. If there is anything that prevents this from being put into practice, this principle is being questioned.
  • Principle of equality: This principle promulgates that all human beings, without distinction, are equal before the law.
  • Principle of good: This principle helps what is considered correct to be put into practice. The objective of this is to achieve social welfare.

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