Differences between team and work group


The differences between the team and the work group are wide. In the first instance, a team works together, together, to achieve a goal. When it comes to a group, they focus more on individual tasks. Each one responds for the task they carry out even though they have a shared objective.

Between these two concepts there has always been a certain confusion, since in appearance they can be similar, but in practice they are not. They both have goals to achieve, but a group and a team are different in implementing those goals.

Fulfilling the proposed objectives is a fundamental task when developing a company job, participating in a team to enjoy leisure, such as a basketball team, or even forming teams at school to develop tasks.

There is always talk of two options, group work, or teamwork, so it is essential to know the differences between the two.

Differences between group and team work

These are the most prominent differences related to these two concepts:

  • In a work team, all its members are responsible and respond jointly to the work, or work that is being developed. There is a spirit of team and cooperation that extends to all participating members. On the other hand, when we speak of a group, although there is an objective to be achieved, each individual works individually, and takes care of their tasks, thus being responsible only for the work they carry out.
  • A team requires coordination, cooperation, efficiency when developing the tasks that they have to carry out. Meanwhile, the people who make up a group perform their tasks according to their own organization, in their way of working individually.
  • Another of the differences that exist, respond to the specialty of the members that compose it and what they do within each of these organizations. In the work group, its components usually carry out similar work, there are usually no complementary tasks, their training and capacities are usually similar. But in the team this changes since each individual is a specialist in a specific task, and here it is necessary to be complementary. For example, in a basketball team each member takes care of a certain task and specialization in order to bring the team he represents to fruition.
  • Relationships between individuals are also different. Normally, in a team ties are strengthened, there is a closer relationship, but in the group it does not usually occur, since the relationship is usually less intense.
  • Hierarchy is another thing that differentiates a group from a team. In a team, it usually does not exist. If it is true that the team will be led, or captained by one person, but in the implementation there is a general equality. On the other hand, in the group there are levels of hierarchy to differentiate some members, their position, tasks and positions they perform, with respect to others.

In short, these are the differences between team and workgroup. The development and implementation of one or the other will have to do with the objectives that you want to achieve, as well as the process that you want to develop to achieve it.

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