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The deputy director is a professional responsible for supporting the general director of a company in his work as head of the institution or company.

In other words, the deputy director is responsible for accompanying the general director in the direction of the company. This is, below the CEO, is the head of a company or body. This is in charge of everything related to the management, as well as, on occasions, supplying the general manager when he cannot take care of a matter.

Typically, this is the right hand of the CEO. Since this, depending on the company, is usually the director's delegate to supervise the integral operation of the institution.

Duties of the Deputy Director

Among the functions that a deputy director has is a list of tasks of great responsibility for the company.

Among the functions it performs, the following should be highlighted:

  • Assist the CEO: It is one of the main tasks of this profile, which assists in everything that the CEO needs. He is also in charge of supplying it, when it is not available.
  • Prepare reports and work monitoring: Among his tasks, he is in charge of preparing all the reports, as well as monitoring all the tasks of the rest of the employees in the company. All of this facilitate the knowledge of the general manager, who is usually in charge of other activities.
  • Manage the organization: Whenever the CEO is not present, he is in charge of managing the company, as well as supplying him with his usual tasks.
  • Organize human capital: Unlike the CEO, he is in charge of supervising all company employees, helping them to achieve the objectives set by the company.

Differences between CEO and deputy director

Although both directors maintain a broad similarity in the functions, they contemplate some significant differences.

Among them we could highlight:

Provide guidance to subordinatesTrain employees
Plan strategiesManage the organization
Run the companyAssist in the management of the company
Lead human capitalTrack and report

Types of deputy director depending on the department

Although we refer to the figure of the deputy director of a company, each department within the same has a department director, as well as a deputy of the same.

Depending on the department, there are different typologies within a company. Among these, we could highlight the following:

  • Human Resources Deputy.
  • Financial Deputy Director.
  • Operations and Development Deputy.

Depending on the size of the company, the number of deputy directors, as well as the number of departments, will increase or decrease. Usually there is only one profile of this type within a company. However, when we talk about extremely large companies –multinational-, where the departments are very broad and cover many responsibilities, if we can observe the existence of the aforementioned figures.

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