Mandela effect


The Mandela effect is the sharing of a memory or event that never really happened. It is therefore a false memory or different from how it actually happened.

The Mandela effect was coined by the pseudoscientist, Fiona Broome. According to her blog, she recalled that Nelson Mandela had died in prison and that his funeral was later broadcast on television in 1980.

However, he was released in 1990 and passed away in 2013. Broome indicated that the human brain can modify memories over time.

Real memories can be modified or interfered with by new experiences, empowering or limiting beliefs that the individual has, or even by one's own imagination.

The truth is that the Mandela effect generates a lot of confusion among people. In fact, with the explosion of new technologies and the Internet, many users share memories or talk about certain aspects that are far from reality.

What theories are there about the Mandela effect?

There are different theories about this curious effect. These are the most prominent in this regard:

  • External memories: Human beings are exposed to external information through the media, institutions or close people. If there is an information gap that does not allow coherence or connection of what is known with what is being observed, the brain tends to resolve it. The memory does not distinguish between true memories or not, it simply stores the information. In the Mandela effect, the most significant thing is the way in which the brain acts to plan information, organize it and give it meaning. For this reason, many times when these disconnections are generated between what has been lived and what has been heard or is simply not remembered with certainty, this effect can occur.
  • Theory of parallel universes: It is a theory in which it is said that there are several universes or parallel realities in which the human being can take part. This would explain and support Broome's theory that different individuals may have similar memories of events that did not occur.

Examples of the Mandela effect

In addition to what Broome mentioned that originated his theory, this is a significant example that illustrates this effect:

Many believe that Mother Teresa of Calcutta was canonized during the pontificate of John Paul II. However, this fact occurred in 2016 during the pontificate of Pope Francis.The memory that many people shared was not real, since it had not occurred at that time in history.

Another example would be the Coca-Cola logo. Which of these logos would you say is the original Coca-Cola logo?

People often claim that the first is the original logo. However, the Coca Cola logo has always been the one below. That is, the one with a script that is confused with a period.

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