To register is to register in an official list the information of all the people or objects that share common characteristics within a population.

In other words, enumeration is the collection of data from a target group. This, from a census. This tool is characterized by applying a questionnaire to the entire study universe, and not just to a sample.

So, in order to register, for example, those affected by a fire, it is necessary to obtain the data of each of those affected.

In this sense, registration usually requires field work where each of those belonging to the interest group is interviewed. Thus, they are subjected to a questionnaire that can include both questions about their basic data (such as name, surname and age), as well as other more complex questions, such as the year in which they graduated from university. All this will depend on the end of the census.

Objective of the census

The purpose of the enumeration is usually to collect the data of the inhabitants of a country or region in order to control their payment of taxes.

However, a group with a specific need can also be registered, for example, one affected by a catastrophic event. In this way, the government can calculate the aid required and, in turn, distribute it.

Likewise, all individuals registered in a professional association can be registered. In this way, it will be known who is authorized (or prohibited) to practice their specialty. This is relevant for certain sectors that require strict supervision, such as health (doctors, nurses and others) and the law (lawyers).

Another type of registration is one that is carried out to register all citizens authorized to vote. This is known as the electoral roll.

Registration in Spain

Registration is mandatory in Spain for residents, even if they do not have nationality. Thus, they are registered in the municipality where they live.

This registration allows knowing who the residents of each municipality are, even if they are not Spanish citizens.

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