Full time employment


Full-time employment is one in which the employee works the maximum working day established by current legislation, if it exists.

When we talk about full-time employment, we are referring to one who has a working day as long as what the law establishes.

In other words, if the law establishes that the maximum working day is 40 hours a week, the person who has a contract that indicates that will have a full-time job.

Characteristics of full-time employment

Labor legislation establishes the maximum working hours that will mark which jobs are full-time and which are not. In Spain, the Workers' Statute marks 40 hours a week or 8 hours of daily average in annual computation, as full-time.

According to the regulations of each country, a maximum number of working hours per week is established.

Work contract

Advantages of full-time employment

The advantages of full-time employment are as follows:

  • The salaries that workers receive are higher than part-time, therefore, they contribute more to social security and the benefits they can receive will be higher.
  • Productivity per worker, in general terms, is higher than part-time workers. In the case of wanting to promote, companies tend to prefer full-time employees due to their higher availability and productivity ratios.
  • A full-time job generally provides greater economic stability and helps to plan a more routine life for workers.

Disadvantages of full-time employment

For its part, the disadvantages of full-time employment are listed below:

  • Working full time means that work absorbs most of our effort, time and dedication. Sometimes, the limits of the full day are exceeded causing stress or demotivation among workers.
  • If the salary is not too high, it makes it difficult to work in another job to compensate the income or it makes it difficult to combine work with studies.
  • With a full-time job, you have less time for your personal life, either dedicated to leisure or to the family, so the conciliation for the care of children is more complicated.

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