A team is made up of a group of people who have a common goal, and interact and coordinate to achieve it.

A team put into practice can occur in different sectors: the workplace, educational centers, sports, among other aspects.

It was at the end of the 20th century when organizations began to promote this concept at their headquarters as they realized that it was an advantageous and productive way to carry out work and maximize it. This since its components were coordinated with each other, they had the same objective and relations were more fluid among all.

A clear example of a team resides in the sports field, in sports such as basketball or soccer where all the members have the objective of winning their opponents, improving their sport, and for this they form a pineapple based on that objective.

Each member is specialized in a specific task or position, and helps the rest of the team to function correctly to always reach the goal effectively.

In an educational institution the same concept can occur. For example, the development of teams to participate in a class contest, where each member specializes in a task, and together they try to get the prize. They help each other, they motivate themselves, they unite for the cause.

How to build an effective team

These are the main steps:

  • Overview: A common goal to be able to fight for it. This will be determined by the head of the company, the coach, or the person responsible for that team. It is important to note that all members will join forces to achieve this. Thus, although each one of them has its personal objectives, here it is about achieving the common objective.
  • Specialties of each member: It is important to highlight the skills of each individual who is part of the team to know what they will contribute, and the role they have within this group.
  • Coordination: This is essential so that the activities, tasks, times, execution and planning are fulfilled. It is important that all members are committed to carrying out this option.
  • Communication: Something decisive for life in general, but totally necessary for a team to work effectively. Communication between its members to expose their ideas, doubts, perceptions is very necessary. It is the best way that there are never resentments, or problems, since everything that one feels, can contribute is exposed and incidents that may occur are solved in a coherent way.
  • Leadership: All members are considered equal. Even if there is a leader, his role is to motivate, be empathetic, cooperate with everyone equally so that each one brings out the best of himself and brings positive energy to the team.

Difference between team and group

They are two totally different concepts, especially because of the following:

  • A team is made up of members who have a common goal, but are specialized in individual tasks, they cooperate, help each other, there is communication and are equally taken into account.
  • When speaking of a group, the objective is common, but the activities are individual, and it is answered in this way, there is no coordination, or there is not such fluid communication. The person in charge is the one who determines what is carried out, and there is no shared leadership.

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