Business ethics


Business ethics encompasses a series of values ​​and principles by which a company is governed when carrying out its actions and activities.

Business ethics is an indispensable part of a company. It is about having ethical principles by which a business can achieve a social commitment.

The important thing is that it is carried out from the upper levels of the company to the employees so that they feel motivated and in accordance with the values ​​of this. It is essential that they feel involved and are knowledgeable from the beginning about this type of regulations so that they can also put them into practice and transmit them in their tasks.

Many businesses lack business ethics, do not have values, norms of behavior, and that creates a problem between their own workers and their customers. We speak of the morality of the human being, and a company must also have this.

What is the goal of business ethics?

These are the main objectives:

  • The commitment to various causes such as the environment, a very important issue and that most companies try to be respectful in this regard by improving their production models and achieving corporate responsibility.
  • Try to avoid unfair competition between businesses. Despite competing in the market, business ethics urges that this type of behavior be avoided, which leaves the companies that carry it out in evidence.
  • Avoid the production of poor quality products. The value of the products or services is essential since it helps users to solve their problems with them. Therefore, it is important to apply quality standards and not cheat with products of very low quality.
  • Eliminate misleading advertising in order to make the public believe things that are not real. Many companies boast of creating ads including great virtues about products that are not actually real.
  • Promote a motivating work environment and in which positive values ​​are transmitted to develop an optimal and respectful work.

Why is it important to carry it out?

These are the main reasons:

  • The business image will improve remarkably among customers.
  • Consumers will have greater confidence and will be identified with the values ​​that the company transmits.
  • Workers become more loyal. If they are respected, and there are moral values ​​that also respect their tasks and take them into account, they will commit to their jobs. Also, they will be much more motivated.
  • Corruption cases will be foreign to a company if it has moral principles and value from its inception.
  • Entities that have these values ​​are often recognized among the public, and also among other companies, which can lead to highly valuable collaborations and negotiations.
  • The rights of workers, clients, investors and all parties involved will be respected and protected by the professional ethics of a company.
  • Standards common to all will be established to create a safe and respectful environment at work.

If personal ethics is essential and is based on the values ​​and principles that govern a person, business ethics is equally important since it will help to promote the image of a company, and all parties involved will be positively rewarded for putting it into practice. practice this.

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