Fake news


Fake news, also called fake news, is information lacking in veracity that aims to reach a large number of people and generate disinformation.

Hoaxes have always existed, but the emergence of the Internet and the social media revolution have become the perfect breeding ground to increase its spread.

There are references to fake news from World War II, in which Joseph Goebbels, who was Adolf Hitler's henchman, was dedicated to spreading false messages about the opposition to generate mistrust, and create a feeling of sympathy and trust towards them.

Social, political, cultural, health issues, no area is spared from circulating false news around it. This harmful information can create real problems, and a lot of confusion since people sometimes have a hard time knowing if it is really true, or not, what they are reading.

In addition, they are accompanied by grotesque headlines, so they attract a lot of attention and sometimes that is enough for users to share them and generate a huge dissemination.

What characteristics do fake news have?

The following are the most prominent:

  • It is news that tries to appeal to feelings, and not so much to reason, so that people empathize with them and share them.
  • Its claim is to create disinformation.
  • They are headed with eye-catching, exaggerated, even grotesque headlines to attract immediate attention and generate an emotional state in the user that is totally trapped and impacted by the information. This creates a problem since on many occasions the body of the news is not read, so its veracity is not verified.
  • The images that accompany them are usually false as well, taken from other information, or added to give consistency to the news, but they do not really illustrate it because it is false.
  • The videos that sometimes accompany them are montages, and have little to do with the reality of the events.
  • Most come from somewhat suspicious websites that pose as media, but are not very consistent.
  • They are usually signed anonymously, so that is indicative that they could be fake news or fake news.
  • Although they cover all areas and there is fake news in any sector, those that deal with the personal lives of celebrities, gossip, great natural or social catastrophes, the political aspect, among other topics, are usually characteristic.

In summary, with these characteristics we are probably dealing with information whose main claim is to generate tension, disinformation and promote constant dissemination among users.

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