File of delinquent tenants (FIM)


The Delinquent Tenant File (FIM) is a database from real estate professionals, private owners of real estate and judgments of the Judicial Power in Spain. All this information is made available to the agents involved in the real estate business so that they can know if their potential client has past due debts.

The FIM is then a tool that property owners or entrepreneurs in the real estate sector can use to be aware of tenants who fail to meet their financial obligations.

It should be noted that the FIM is managed by a private company and offers various services, both to monitor a rental and the risk rating of the tenant.

It is also worth emphasizing that these types of tools are important because in Spain an owner takes more than 246 days to recover his home in the face of non-payment by the tenant.

Another important piece of information is that the FIM has a Data Protection Delegate registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

The FIM is then one more tool to reduce risk in the real estate business. However, we must warn that there may be operations not included in your database.

FIM services

The services of the FIM are the following:

  • FIM Control: Offers a free monthly monitoring of the rent, with a monthly notice of the collection of the rent. In case the tenant defaults, the FIM will guide the landlord in the debt recovery process and will provide collection tools. Registration for this service is through the Internet.
  • FIM Score: Allows the user to know if the individual has any non-payment in their history. Likewise, it makes a classification according to the level of risk of the potential occupants of a home, based on their past behavior. In addition, a score is also assigned to the operation carried out, for example, the signed rental agreement. To access this service, a consideration is required.
  • Registration of delinquency: It is the registration of a tenant as delinquent in the FIM database. The person at fault is notified about their inclusion in the file. The service is free.
  • FIM Certificate: It is a report that certifies a tenant as solvent. It is valid for three months from its issuance. Requires a payment from the applicant.

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